N.C. State University, B.S., Computer Science (1986)
    N.C. State University, Graduate work, Materials Engineering (1973)
    N.C. State University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering (1972)


    Mr. Garrison has more the 20 years experience in microcomputer hardware and networks and previous
    to that had more than ten years of experience in programming, focusing primarily on microcomputer
    systems.  He has developed diverse professional knowledge of mainframe, mini, and microcomputer
    operating systems.  He has expertise in programming languages such as IBM system/370 Assembly,
    Macro-86, MACRO-11, FORTRAN IV, PL/I, Pascal, FORTRAN-77, dBASE, C/C++, Turbo Pascal, Borland
    Delphi, Microsoft Visual C++, Paradox for Windows, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, Microsoft Access,
    Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL, and Ruby on Rails.  Mr. Garrison has extensive experience with the U.S.
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Compliance Data System (CDS), the Continuous Emissions
    Monitoring System Subset (CEMSS), and the Airs Facility Subsystem (AFS).  Prior to his work in
    computer science, Mr. Garrison spent ten years in product engineering and manufacturing management.